Why should I consider Asphalt Restoration for my asphalt repairs?

Because we‘ve been doing nothing but Infrared Repairs since 1997, our Crew Members are experts in Infrared Repair and have probably handled the same type of problem you have multiple times  just this week. In addition to the experience, our Crews take great pride in the work they do and are truly craftsman that have developed many of their own techniques over the years.

Will I see the Infrared Repairs after they’re done?

Yes – it’s impossible to match old asphalt using new asphalt, even with infrared repairs. How well a repair blends with the surrounding asphalt depends on one main factor, how many times the surrounding asphalt has been sealed. Each time you sealcoat your asphalt, the voids between the aggregate get filled in a little more. The more times a driveway has been sealed, the less texture it has, leaving little chance it will match up with new asphalt that has more texture. Just imagine your old driveway next to a new driveway, that’s the difference you will see. 

Won’t it blend in after a sealcoat?

It will blend better with a sealcoat (same color), but the textures will still be different and the repairs will be visible. Asphalt surfaces that have only been sealed a few times can eventually blend in pretty well with a few sealcoats, over a few years. If a new driveway is what you’re looking for, you’ll need a paving company that can give you a new driveway. Infrared repairs are a nice option if a large portion of your asphalt is in good shape and you can accept that the repairs will not be invisible.

Are Infrared Repairs a good option for me?

If you have a few bad areas that can’t be crack filled, they may be candidates for Infrared Repair. It’s usually not cost effective to repair single cracks; but alligatored cracks, settling and potholes are problems often repaired with Infrared. As a rule of thumb, if less than 20% of the drive has issues it may be worthwhile to use the Infrared process. If most of the drive is in poor shape – call a Paver, if you have a few problem areas – Infrared may be a good option and if the drive only needs minor crack filling and a coat of sealer – call a Sealcoater.

Are Infrared Repairs Seamless?

Every repair process has seams, what matters is whether the seam is a cold joint or a hot joint (thermally bonded). Even new driveways have seams – everywhere a joint is matched, there’s a seam. Every sawcut repair has a cold joint – this joint is a point of weakness that will always open up. The perimeter of the repair is sawcut, asphalt is removed and hot asphalt is installed against the cold edge of the surrounding asphalt. The two surfaces never bond and eventually separate. Infrared repairs are thermally bonded – the asphalt is heated just beyond the repair area, allowing the repair area to become part of the surrounding asphalt. Without cold joints, there is no point of weakness.

Can you use Infrared process to pave my whole driveway?

If the driveway is 16’x 18’ or less, Infrared may be an option. It would probably be half the price of repaving, but will not be the same quality. Whole driveways are usually better off being handled by a paver that can lay the whole surface in a uniform manner, with all of the asphalt rolling out of the paver in the same direction (smoother surface).

How long do I need to stay off of my new Infrared Repairs?

Please don’t park directly on repair areas for 2 days. You can drive over repairs when we are completed, but please don’t turn your tires over the repair areas while in place.

How long do I need to wait to sealcoat my new repairs?

For best results, wait at least 1 month before applying a coat of sealer (repair area will blend better with the surrounding asphalt). Sealer is water based and asphalt is petroleum based, so the sealer will not adhere well until the surface has cured a little.

Do I need to give a down payment?

No – we’re confident in our work and believe after you see the repairs, you will want to pay us. We like to offer the peace of mind that comes with not paying until you see the finished product.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes – we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.