We established Asphalt Restoration, Inc. because there weren’t any companies willing to do smaller repair work, while having the capabilities to tackle larger projects. Most paving companies don’t want to deal with small repairs and most sealcoaters don’t have the capabilities. So we decided to specialize in infrared repairs and since 1997, have repaired thousands of driveways and parking lots. We’re proud of the repair work we do and believe that our repairs are as good as it gets.

At Asphalt Restoration, we specialize in Infrared Asphalt Repairs, a unique alternative to conventional asphalt patching. Infrared Repairs are thermally bonded asphalt repairs ideal for many commercial and residential applications. Thermally bonded infrared repairs replace conventional repair methods, using the most innovative developments in asphalt repair. Infrared repairs are thermally bonded to the surrounding asphalt to create a fused repair that blends beautifully after sealcoating.  The combination of the latest technology, training, and experience makes Asphalt Restoration the only choice if you are looking for a great value and an exciting alternative to conventional paving processes. Please read our FAQ page before scheduling work–we want for all of our customers to be well informed.

” Our crew members are craftsmen and care as much about the outcome of your project as you do.”

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